Water to Fire
Description Changes all Water gems to Fire gems.
Starts Charged False
Element {{{element}}}
Affinity Water
Effect Water gems changed to fire.
Basic Damage {{{basicDMG}}}
Affinity Damage {{{affDMG}}}
Spark Count {{{spark}}}
Effect Duration {{{duration}}}
Initial Skill Timer 10
Min Skill Timer 5
Monsters With This [[:Category:{{{skillcat}}}|{{{skillcat}}}]]
Skill Family [[:Category:{{{skilltypecat}}}|{{{skilltypecat}}}]]
Used by [[{{{monster}}}]]
Used by Emberoll, Ashadillo, Torridillo, Volcanite, Fire Proto, Fire Hamster, Fire Snail, Fire H. Bird, Fire Starfish, Fire Dragonfly, F. Caterpillar, Fire Cocoon, Fire Moth, F. Super Moth
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