This page is here to allow users to use substitute to inject the code, including parameters, for the Skill Infobox into an existing skill page. To use it just type the following into the source code for the skill page, publish, and then edit the page again. Delete any parameters that don't apply. For example, if the skill is a Spark skill you would remove the 'basicDMG' and 'affDMG' lines. See the Template page for detailed info on each parameter.

{{subst::Skill Template}}
Skill Template
Description {{{description}}}
Starts Charged {{{charged}}}
Affinity [[{{{affinity}}}]]
Basic Damage
Affinity Damage
Spark Count
Effect Duration
Initial Skill Timer
Min Skill Timer
Monsters With This [[:Category:|]]
Skill Family [[:Category:|]]
Used by [[]]
Used by {{{monsters}}}
Notes {{{notes}}}

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