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Unfortunately, the game Monster Match was no longer be playable and discontinued after May 28th, 2015.

Jump into this colorful action-puzzle game and discover the mystical creatures of the Prismal Islands. Battle and build your own team of vibrant monsters by tackling a fast-paced puzzle battle system.

What is Monster Match?

Monster Match is a Free-to-Play game for Android robot and Apple logo black, in which players explore the Prismal Islands capturing, collecting and evolving their personal Monster Team. The game features a puzzle-based battle mechanic wherein players match gems in order to make their monsters attack. There are currently over 700 Monsters to collect in the game, and more are added with every event.

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Useful Pages

Monster Information
Menu catalogue ON
Menu boost ON
Menu evolve ON
Starter Monsters
340 L Caterpillar BMK
Boost Material Monsters
Monster Details
Menu monsters ON
Monster Stats
Powerup general atk 1 BJA
Monster Skill
Monster Location
335 Prism Starfish BMK
Evolution Recipes
Menu options ON
Menu equip ON
Another Monster Table by Sofa
Menu main ON
( DMS )
Menu event ON
List of Events
Menu summon ON2
Summon Gates
Achieve and Goals
Menu goal ON
List of Goals
Menu myinfo ON
User Profile(?)

Login Bonus
Menu help ON
Menu myfriends ON
Menu myteam ON
Vote for Top 10 Monsters
Facebook logo
Facebook MM

MonsterMatch GroupChat

Download (1)

Team Monster Match is available on Line Messenger, download "Line by Naver" on Google Play Store or Apple App Store or other version(including Windows), register, & search for user: AnonCamel

Featured Monster
957 Illustrespasser BMG
Illustrespasser, the Strongest Poison Monster
Element Type Element water Water
Secondary Type Dodo
Rarity Summon rarity starSummon rarity starSummon rarity starSummon rarity starSummon rarity starSummon rarity star
Max Level 250
Skill Exhaust
Evolves into check Evolution Recipes

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