1.I was wondering what does the fraction numbers on the left down corner of the boss image mean.. for example 7/9

  • That number indicates the amount of Monsters you've captured in a stage out of the total number of Monsters available in that stage. For example, 7/9 means you've caught 7 out of the 9 available Monsters in the stage.
  • if you're talking about the fraction in the bottom right hand corner when you're looking at the screen, that fraction indicates what wave of monsters you're on. e.g 7/9 - you're on wave 7 of 9. you can catch a monster during every wave of monsters that come. the amount of monsters you've caught is indicated in the middle of the screen above your gems.

2. How do I evolve my monsters?

3.How do I evolve a starter monster?

  • Starter Monsters can be found in the Main islands. Because they are so powerful, their appearance is rare. You'll also be able to earn Starter Monsters in the new login bonus system .

4. What is Grade?

  • Grade indicates how powerful the monster, it's why there are grade limit.

5. How do I capture monsters?

  • whenever you defeat a monster in a puzzle stage, there is a chance that the monster will be captured, including Guardian and Boss each event

6. Are you more likely to catch a Prism Monster depending on the difficulty?

  • Yes! The best chance to catch Prism Monsters is in the expert/hard difficulty stage.

7. How do I heal my team?

  • Whenever you break a line of 2 or more heart gems, your team will recover some health. The more heart gems you break, the more they will heal. Healer type Monsters have skills that restore huge amounts of health.

8. What is the "rest" stat?

  • It's the restoration stat. Its the base number added to the pool when you combine 2 hearts to heal.

9.  Does the level of the second monster matter when evolving?

10. What do the little icons mean when you are picking a stage?

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