Clarification on use of various CategoriesEdit

Some of the categories we are using bear explanation:

  • '+' Categories
    • These are used to help keep track of which evolution materials are needed by which monsters.
    • Make sure, if you are categorizing using these, that you add the categories of the materials that you need to make THAT monster.  For example: Magnaw just has a Fire Snail, not a Fire Starfish, Fire H. Bird, and a Prism Snail (those categories apply to Magclaw , the next evolution)
    • You could click on the category to see a list of all the monsters that use a specific evolution material.
    • You could also pull up a specific monster and, by looking at their categories, tell which evolution materials you should be hunting for.
    • Finally, you can, if you like, type phrases like this:  Lilacrobat = Plumbler + Shadows Snail + Shadow H. Bird + Prism H. Bird
  • ​Skill categories
    • ​These include skills like Break, Pause, Poison, Heal, Single Target Attack, Group Attack
    • Many of these categories have modifiers
      • ​Single-Target Attack has a word modifier to differentiate between the various skill levels.
      • Pause and Guard have a number after them to show how many turns they last for.
      • Spark has a number showing how many spark gems are placed on the board when used.
    • If you don't know yet the duration/extent of effect of the skill you can categorize using a '?'
      • Pause x?
      • Once we figure out how many turns that Pause implements for we can go back and edit the category, changing the '?' to a number.

Please let me know if there are others that you see and want clarification on!  And if you have any suggests of categories that you would find helpful!Basstwo (talk) 17:40, November 14, 2013 (UTC)

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